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One of my UK friends wanted access to US Netflix streaming; originally Netflix checked credit card address for region restrictions, so I used my card to pay for him. In return I got access to his account... but I didn't use it. He would buy me dinner whenever he came to the US; I think I won 'cos the company sent him a _lot_ :-)

(He's since moved to the US and so now pays himself)

But I was out of work from end of May and so set my TiVo up to talk to Netflix, and looked around to see what there was (my friend was staying with me while he bought a house, so it even kinda made sense!).

Now an episode of "Person of Interest" had been on some channel or other and I caught it in passing. It piqued my interest and I remember other people saying "you should watch this". And S1->4 were on Netflix. So...

(Season 5 was being broadcast as I watched Netflix, so I set up a recording for that).

Season 1 kinda disappointed me a little. I felt a lot like "she's a cop, he's not" but with a geek conspiracy behind the scenes. The conspiracy didn't really shine; it was more rationale for the series, rather than driving the story.

It wasn't a bad not-a-cop show, and I had nothing better to do, so I kept watching...

Season 2 started to up the ante... and this pretty much became the theme. Every year the story became more of what it originally promised; it stayed true to its roots but the conspiracy aspects drove more and eventually became the forefront story.

I don't know if they originally planned it this way but, basically, there's a 5 season story arc that starts with a 'cop procedural' and ends in a full-on AI-v-AI war with our heroes acting on behalf of the "good" AI.

The technology is laughable (BlueJacking? Bwah!). The "save the person" story lines are frequently weak (although there's the occasional twist to keep you alert).

But it's _thoughtful_. The creator of the AI foresaw some of the problems and so put in limitations. We see early training sessions, and how he comes to his conclusions and the fear he has in his own creation.

The visual effects add to the atmosphere; in season 4 and 5 we get different effects depending on which AI we're "seeing".

IMHO this is a show worth sticking with. Despite the superficial nature of season 1, it's _not_ a cop show; that's just the wrapper. Stick with it, ignore Jim Caviezel's almost emotionless delivery (I'm not sure _what_ he was doing there!), and I think you'll enjoy the results.

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